Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In Our Later Years

I was so moved by a photograph taken a few days before my stepmom's sweet mother of 88 years exchanged her time here for her eternal home. I wanted to put words to paper to reflect my own heart as I think to the future.

What a grace to have a glimpse of such a tender moment, shared by two who have traveled their journey, side by side, for 69 years.

I am filled with such love for my own dear husband, who loves me so well. May God grant us such tender moments and love;

always love.

In Our Later Years

When that time comes
and I am old,
and if I remember no more,
and if my eyes look but do not see,

sit with me,
and hold my hand.

Stroke my cheek with your hard worked hands;
hands that have created our life
and saved me from an ordinary world.

Kiss my forehead
if you are still able,

but if you are not,
if your body is bent and frail,
unable to do what was once so common,

then just sit by my side

and touch me.

For I am more
than a collection of memories from better years,
or words once spoken out loud,
now forgotten.

Be there with me
in the last silence
sharing space and time

And I will not be afraid;

for I will have your love
and the life you gave me,

which was never commonplace.


  1. Absolutley exquisite. Are you aware of the many poetry contests? As a writer (and sometimes poet) I can assure you that this is worth entering.

    Beyond that, as my parents fade into frailty and forgetfulness, I related so deeply. Thank you.

  2. Such a beautiful picture you have painted for all of us. I sat beside my Gram as she danced into eternity. Joy mingled with pain, drenched in His love.

    I have to agree with twofinches. I am not a writer or poet, but I would agree, this needs to be shared with the world.

    Blessings from Costa Rica,
    Sarah Dawn

  3. Thank you for the kind words Cynthia. I am such an admirer of your work - it is a great privilege to have you stop and comment, let alone follow. Please know what a great encouragement that is to me. It is with much fear and trepidation I post anything at all "poetic." I continue to weigh my work against so many more gifted souls, like a child making paper roses from colored tissue scraps, only to discover a beautiful arrangement of the real thing and to see how silly and simple my words really are. I am learning not to compare - as hard as this is for me - but to simply enjoy the beauty of the written word, however small my part in it may be. Thank you for the kind words - I would love to grow in my ability here, and your comment may have just encouraged me to continue down this wholly unfamiliar path.

  4. Thank you Sarah Dawn. I read a response you posted on prayer at Two Finches and thought your writing so beautiful. I immediately related to your prose and was soul-stirred. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am humbled to be in such company.

  5. Oh girl.

    The photo, yes, and the poetry.

    Have you heard the Mark Schultz song, "Walking Her Home" ? ... A perfect soundtrack for this post.

    Blessings to you as you minister here.

  6. Thank you Jennifer - I will have to check out the song. (And then my 14 yr. old will have to teach me how to upload it!)