Monday, November 23, 2009

Just a few more reasons for Thankfulness

It is four something in the morning with alarm clocks set to ring at five, encouraging us to make it into the car and on the road before morning lights first flicker. 750 miles today - at least that's the plan as we make our way back to our old stomping grounds and Jim's family. Today is my last post before Thanksgiving and I wanted to make sure to keep my list going.... These are the things that have filled my life with gratitude this week. Enjoy.

Locating this year's Christmas photo

a casual dinner around a rambunctious table with friends

flour covered counter, watching my teenaged son roll dough for his first pie

feasting with a bunch of sixth graders

family games and laughing till I cry

observing what my son's eye catches in photos

the dog, who's certain she's not

snuggling on the couch, a mixture of blankets and slippers, coffee and books

the diesel smell of father and son coming inside after working

watching that old movie - together

listening as my daughter reads words of her own creation


coffee, at my favorite bakery with my love

singing psalms together

words, dancing across pages, catching my soul aflame

seeking our Father's face


hugs for this momma


  1. Family games - the kids are coming home for Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to family games and fun.

  2. Great list! Oh the Lord is sooo good, there are too many things to be thankful for! But His saving grace tops 'em all! Happy Thanksgiving. May the Lord bless you abundantly and be with you as you travel...

  3. Love your list...especially the dog who's certain she's not. That one really made me smile! Hope you had safe and happy travels...

  4. watching a child roll dough... there is something peaceful in that, deeply hopeful

  5. Maybe it's because I know what this means, to be thankful for this, but this is the one that gets me:

    "the diesel smell of father and son coming inside after working"

    Oh, girl ... you bless me.