Sunday, July 31, 2011

Absurd Grace

Jim comes home today! What more do I need to say? We are all giddy with excitement around here.

He's been away 3 weeks now. He will be home for 8 days. 8 glorious days!

The refrigerator is stocked with his favorite foods. My house is cleaned and organized - mostly. And we wait for his arrival -the sound of that distinct diesel engine rounding the corner that after 23 years, when I hear it, I confess -still makes my heart skip a bit.

I have been a partaker of unexpected blessings these past 3 weeks; touching expressions of kindness from friends who have moved in during this time to love our family. Many blessings have come from unexpected people and places - they have truly been absurd grace -blessings to me.

Thank you. You are all ministering angels-

you took my son's motorbike in for repairs;
another picked up my son's bike and delivered it to our home so he could work cherry harvest; you made time for me over a glass of wine even when you could have used your time for things more pressing;
you asked me to go for a walk and the fellowship of you - sister - was a balm to me;
you sent a message letting me know I can call on you anytime we have need;
you invited me to the lake to get me out of the house;
you encouraged my son as he fills some large shoes;
you commented;
you picked up the phone and called to say you heard... and are praying;
you checked up on us and on Jim even though you have too much on your own plate;
you understood and acknowledged our struggle and didn't just put a happy face on it.

Thank you for demonstrating Christ's love to us. Love is not silent, although many like to think it is enough to feel something deeply. But love is not a sham - it knows it only counts when it is spent. Thank you for loving us a hundred different ways.

Which brings me to my picture. If you look closely you'll see a crayon sign that reads, "Depart to Serve." This sign was placed over our mudroom door on the way to the garage; a door we use many times everyday. It was made and displayed by my husband, Jim, who wanted everyone of us in our family to remember our job - to serve.

If I could say one thing about my dear hubby it would be that he is a man who knows how to serve.

I just love him.

And in this way, we have been loved - by so many who know us and who are the beloved. Thank you for serving - because in order to really love it must cost something. When we serve others in Christ, our hearts expand.

We are only filled when we are most emptied.

It is a gloriously absurd exchange.


  1. I love that phrase--absurd grace.
    Wow. Thanks for sharing that--it's going to roll around my mind for awhile. :) And, thanks also for joining the community at The High Calling. We're glad to have you!

  2. "Love is not a only counts, when it is spent." What powerful words. One's for me to hold onto and remember. Blessings ~ jen