Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daughter Days

Since so many of my posts of late have been of a more serious nature, I thought I'd take a divergent road and have a little fun. Here is just one of the days I treasure on my road less traveled....

After looking over this post I'm pretty sure you'll feel just like I do. I can't think of a better way to spend a summer day, than with these two beautiful girls.

Today was one of the record setting heat days we have been experiencing in the Northwest. My two oldest kids are working their first summer job on a nearby orchard. My oldest daughter had today off, so we thought up some things to do that involved my camera and getting out of the house, but not into the heat.

A new little eclectic shop opened up in our town of Wenatchee. I love all things eclectic and thought it was time the girls and I checked out The Hippie Vintage Shop.

My girls were originally not quite on board with my new discovery. Hailey, my oldest was pretty sure this was not going to be fun. Her 15 year old feet are way too firmly planted in the ground! Brooke however, embraced the opportunity and threw caution to the wind.
The little unique boutique sports all things "hippie." They specialize in vintage clothing from the 60's and 70's, but you can also find jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, LP records and a variety of decorations.

Emma, the owner of the Hippie Vintage shop, took some time to help us try on some new looks.
My twelve year old daughter, Brooke, enjoys a blast from the past.
In the end even Hailey came around.

My favorite Hippie Vintage Shop picture!

Okay - I couldn't let the girls have all the fun, could I? Thanks Emma, for sharing your fun shop with us!


  1. I drive by that store every day. Thanks for taking me inside. I'm inspired to go check it out. Jackie might need something from there before she goes back to Whitworth. :)Keep writing, Lori! I look forward to your posts! ~Tacy

  2. PS ~ What are prices like in there?

  3. The prices vary - it looked like they had things marked down since the first time I was in - about a month ago. They had some really cute scarves - those were around $10. The shirts and skirts were closer to $15 -$20. I think Jackie would love it. Jordan is still bummed that he didn't get to come - he's our old soul out of the group. Peace out!