Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthday Girls

These are some of the most wonderful ladies I know. When we get together I am reminded again how much I love each one of them. We have many differences - the four of us - but when we come together for our "birthday club" the differences remind me how diversity in the body of Christ is beautiful and necessary for continued growth.

I am at a time and place in my life where I am surrounded by people who surround themselves with those who are just like them. I have watched our church go through a metamorphosis as of late and unfortunately diversity among the body is not one of our strong suits. I watch as my family and I find ourselves on the periphery of our body at large - we do not "fit" into an "acceptable" category- our children are not home schooled, we do not spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about or discussing the benefits of grass fed versus corn fed cows or whether the chicken we had for dinner was free range or not. We wear deodorant that contains aluminum and I do not lose sleep. I do not press my own wheat when I make bread - I actually do not make bread and I know I am suspect.

What I love about my ladies is that we are all at different places in our spiritual journey, at various stages of motherhood, and we do not all worship at the same place, but this is what makes our time together such a gift. We are a conglomeration of hilarity, tears, prayer, and forgiveness. We are an unlikely mixture of organic only- junk food eaters - naturopathic and immunization free - pass the Tylenol please -"Survivor" contestant -fragrance wearing -steel ground oats only -taco bell loving- hodgepodge of ladies.

The conversation I have with these dear women of faith is some of the richest, most thought provoking, and meaningful in my life. We are in no way perfect. We are the seekers of the One who is perfect - and this we do imperfectly. I am loved and accepted with these friends. I do not have to be something I am not - in fact, I am pretty sure they would call me out if I tried it. These are the ladies who make me better. I know it without a doubt. Our vast differences temper the extremes in our personalities and provide an appreciation and great affection for the "other than". And so, in this busy season I want to pause to recognize the gift of friendship. As I age I understand its rarity. I thank God for these women who grace my life with themselves and I thank the Giver for them.


  1. is wonderful to have great friends and we are blessed to be in different places in our spiritual journey. We can be there for one another along the way.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh, you are a sweetheart, Lori...a precious treasure of a friend.
    Love you!

  3. That is awesome to find that special bond of friendship despite the differences. That's what makes it unique. Is to know that you don't need to argue but learn to accept those differences and respect each other's points of view. God bless you all and Merry Christmas.

  4. Andrea - you are so right, it is a blessing to be on the same journey but at different points on the road - it is encouraging.

    RCUBEs- it's been a while since we've connected;I miss reading your posts! Yes - I love the variety I find in friendship - it is so wonderful to see life through a different lens - or several different lenses.

    Tracy - You are a prize and I am so blessed to have your friendship. You are one of the wise ones. Merry Christmas Friend!

  5. What a special and amazing group of ladies!! It's fantastic that you all have each other.

  6. I see myself in your midst; at least I long for it!

    Beautifully spoken. How I wish for some "come alongside" women to make me better and to consistently point me back to Jesus. I suppose this is one reason I love my blogging community so much. In some small way, I feel the depth of it all, and I am blessed because of every person who stops by to buoy me along--you included.

    Merry Christmas, and should an urge for Taco Bell ever hit, I'm your girl! A greasy cheeseburger is even better.


  7. Elaine - you crack me up! I always smile when I see you've blessed me with a visit. How I would love to sit and laugh and cry with you over coffee or pizza or greasy cheeseburgers - yes! You would definitely be one of my birthday girls. Wishing so much to someday have the chance to sit with you in person. In the meantime, how rich I am to read your words as grace spills from your computer regularly.

    I also share your heart on the blogging community. - I am constantly blessed and encouraged by others in bloggerland -you are one of my dearest blessings in this realm- and I feel thankful for a very real extended community that I am blessed to be a part of.

  8. Thank God for friends! You are truly blessed, sister. (I don't bake bread or take up political topics...I can so relate).

    Happy New Year!

  9. Hi Deborah - thanks for stopping by and commenting - but I must say I actually enjoy and welcome meaningful, honest, political conversation - but it is not often that the words "meaningful and honest" can be used with the term, "political". However, I am blessed with some amazing people and I remind myself of that regularly. Thanks for reading.