Monday, January 18, 2010


My schedule has been busier than usual. For the past few weeks I have taken a couple of classes off of the hands of this man.

You are probably wondering how this guy got into teaching in the first place, but that is another story.

Here is a picture of him with his family. (They're our neighbors and I happened to be out taking some pictures when I saw them and snapped this one.)

Corey, the man in the above pictures, was trying to convince the children who were with him to sled down a pretty steep hill. The kids were not entirely sure that this was a good idea. So, Corey - the consummate teacher, decided to demonstrate the safety of sledding.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the moments following the sledding safety lesson. If I did, they would involve a hospital ride and several fractured vertebrae.

He is okay now - pretty much anyway. He is back in the classroom and I am back to my normal class load which allows me time to - you guessed it -


I forgot how much I love my schedule. With my first class beginning at 10, I am able to have some time to schlepp around in my slippers in the morning.

I have really missed schlepping.

I picked up 2 of his classes, covering his 6th grade math class and his 11th and 12th grade Civics class.

Yeah - I know, civics?

I'm not that smart.

But then, look who I was covering for:

On my first day of teaching Corey's civics class a student put her head down on her desk in something similar to despair.
It didn't help that the student was my own daughter.
I knew I had to quickly regroup or this would be a painful two weeks for all of us.

So....I begged and pleaded with this man

for something else to do with this group.
I waited to speak to him about changing the schedule until I was certain he was heavily medicated.

In all fairness I really should throw in a normal picture of our beloved Mr. McEachran. He really is a wonderful teacher and my kids are lucky to have him. Here he is when he's not dressed up as a beggar for some sort of school function.

(This is Corey with his sweet family when we celebrated Advent at our house this past November. Very normal and delightful family.)

Now - on with the story.

I was able to teach 2 weeks of literature during Civics in which we explored society and politics. The books we read were:

Killer Angel: the biography of Margaret Sanger


Fahrenheit 451

Both were excellent books, entirely different from one another.

On my final day with the Juniors and Seniors we dissected Fahrenheit 451 over coffee at Cafe Mela. (It's a small class of 8 students and that is how I roll, occasionally.)

As we explored themes, symbolism, biblical allusions, etc... I asked them what they thought of the book. One of the girls said she really didn't like it. She felt it was a "downer." I explained that a world without books would, in fact, be a "downer." I asked my small group of students if perhaps we were asking the wrong question. Rather than asking, "did I like this book?" maybe the real question should be, "was I changed after reading the book?"

That, to me, is the mark of a good book.

I have had opportunity to think about that comment all weekend and into this week.

"Am I changed after reading this?"

God offered me a gentle reminder this weekend in the echoes of my own words.

"Do you leave changed, beloved?"

This question has pricked my soul the past few days. How is it possible to enter into the presence of the Holy One and remain unchanged?

It isn't.

And yet time and again I do.

Still, His voice calls to me~
Come and be changed.

How often do I meet with Him and read words of life into my barren and thirsty soul, and yet leave His presence virtually unchanged?

And still He whispers words of love to me. He does not storm out of the room, as a wounded lover might, or even ought. He bears with me and bares my soul in the process.

It is in this gentleness I am changed.

Because it is so unlike me.

And so my soul cries out, do not let me leave again unchanged.

May this year, this day, this moment find us changed and fitted into the image and glad service of the One who gave all as He bids us,

~Come and be changed.


  1. I'm glad you explained further who this "man" was. He is normal after all :) LOL...

    That student's answer "I didn't like it. It is a downer"...reminds me when people don't like what they read from His Word because His Word points out to what must change in us...what must change in our way of living..

    It's not fun when we need to change. But we must. For the better. For a more effective way of walking this life's journey with joy because in reading more of His Word, we can sense what He willed for us. Change...everything changes and I'm thankful God does not! So I know I can fully trust Him and yes, I want Him to make the changes in my heart. Great to hear from you. God bless you and strengthen you!

  2. A wonderful, rambling sort of post with beautiful at its conclusion... I love it. Thanks for your visit and your smile at my blog today! It is lovely to "meet" you!

  3. Lori, you made our evening! We, as a family, laughed at loud as I read your blog to them. Josie instructed me to read it, as she saw your update before me. Thanks for your humor, insight, and love for our LORD. I am blessed to call you 'friend'. xo

  4. Thanks for your encouragement RCUBE's - you always have a great way of looking at things.

    Thanks for stopping by Kelly - Love reading at your place!

    Eva - you are a delightful friend who blesses me everyday -I'm so glad the family enjoyed it! I'm sure Corey would be pleased to be offered up for our amusement! Thanks for taking time to read - you encourage me regularly!

  5. changed ... oh, yes ... such an important question ... thank you

  6. This post had it all -- humor (I can't help it...I was laughing at Mr. McEachran -- he sure can make some faces! And the post was thoughtful, too, with your words about the Word, and change. I enjoyed reading it...and thanks for stopping by and commenting on Graceful today.

  7. he is kind of scary looking...and I think you're a saint !....all teachers are saints....did you know that ????

  8. First, I nearly spit my diet coke all over the screen when I saw these pictures and your words describing them. Mr. McEachran looks like Mel Gibson's sidekick in Braveheart. Oh my, very hilarious. And I sure needed a laugh this morning. But then we move on to the more serious...

    I wrote about this the other day... my "absorption" problem. My reading the Word, loving the Word, but then walking away forgetting the Word. All the while, still receiving love from the Word because that's what the Word does. He loves us, most days in spite of us! Praise God.

    Great post per usual. By the way... what kind of school do you teach at that allows you coffee breaks with your students? I want to enroll.


  9. Hey Elaine,

    Great to hear from you again. I'm so glad you didn't spew coke all over your screen. Corey was watching football with my husband last night and I mentioned that you he reminded you of the sidekick from Braveheart. I think that made his day!

    In answer to your question, I teach at a Classical Christian school. Most of the classes are much larger, but this particular class is pretty small. One of the benefits to such a small class is that on occasion we can have a discussion group at a local cafe. It doesn't happen too often - but it is quite fun when it does.

    As always, thanks for blessings me with a drive by!


  10. Didn't know you read at my place - thanks for your sweet comment the other day!

  11. First off, I want to take a class with Crazy Corey, and I want to take a class with you. :-)

    Secondly, I've felt very much in my spirit what you describe here -- being wooed to His word, and then feeling as if I've walked away unchanged. But I do think we ARE actually changed, even if we don't "feel" it. Because God's Word never returns void.

    You're a blessing! Thanks for a post that was both fun and meaningful. (Isaiah 55:11)

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  13. Hope you don't mind. I added a link to your blog on arise 2 write.

  14. Thanks Andrea - I appreciate it so much! Have a wonderful day.