Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unwelcome Visitor


How prone I am to forget.
That is why, I'm sure,
you give me days like these.

These are the mercy-filled days.
Days of illness, exhaustion,

disguised as unwelcome visitors
sent to remind me
how much I need you.

Thank you for this weary and failing body
that keeps me looking to you for strength,
reminding me that I am not necessary,
although I like to think
I am.

If I never lived these days
compassion would never sprout wings on my tired shoulders
causing me to extend grace,

I would miss the opportunity to receive kindness
from others,
ministering angels, sent by your hand
for me.

Love in action, displayed in the needful moments of living,

poured out freely
from you,
through your earthen vessels, the beloved,
to me.

My comfort rests in role of giver,
but today you ask me to receive.

Wash me Lord Jesus; not just my feet, but all of me.

I would never know the rest to be found
only in you;
in the quiet places meant for weary souls and fragile bodies
if the unwelcome visitor never stopped by.

Thank you for the time to heal.


  1. "If I never lived these days
    compassion would never sprout wings on my tired shoulders
    causing me to extend grace beyond."

    My favorite line.

    Are you living my life today? I'm at my end, physically, emotionally, etc. Thankfully, my end is a jumping off point for God's great.

    Leaning into him this evening...


  2. That was beautiful. I, too was a receiver instead of being a giver this past week as many friends prayed for my son's healing. And yes, during these trials, that's when we realize our need for His strength. God bless.

  3. I know this is a stupid question Lori, but did you write this? It was beautiful. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Jessica - is this my sweet sister-in-law, Jessica? Yes, I did write it. It was (and is) a hard week and I felt I needed to remind myself of my need for frailty and how God gives me lessons of contentment and gratitude that would not be learned apart from days like these. Are you also having these unwelcome visitor kind of days? I am so glad you stopped by. I hope it blessed you in some small way. Blessings my dear sister-in-love (isn't that much nicer sounding?!) P.S. if this isn't my Jessica - ignore the sister in law/love stuff!

  5. Ah, I felt a sweet sadness wash over me as I read this. You are gifted of the Lord, my sister in Christ! I see a book here...