Tuesday, October 27, 2009

holy experience

I have been reading Ann Voskamp's blog for a while now and am completely smitten with her. Ann is a poet and recognizes the necessity for thankfulness in our lives. She challenges readers to be part of her gratitude community and I have decided to follow suit and embrace this challenge in my own life.
Starting today I will offer my fishes and loaves ~ small gifts, not much to look at, but offered with the eyes of faith for my Lord to multiply. These gifts are not the things I desire, but what already fills my life. May I live my life in constant memory of the love that is poured out upon me.

Here are my first gratitude postings: Feel free to join me as we live outloud, thankful.

the cool, dark mornings that beg a second cup of coffee

the husband who loves me, constructing catapults for my science class

the daughter who sets table, unasked

the smell of pumpkin scented candles wafting through our house

the way the
morning light flickers as it dances across the river

my favorite slippers after a long day

banana bread, made by a friend

my children's voices filling my home with singing

that guitar playing boy

laughter around the dinner table

the encouraging words of a friend

patchwork colors dripping, signature of the season I love most

marshmallows ~ jumbo and mini


  1. Ah yes, I joined that community as well and then promptly forgot! Your lovely list reminded me to get going on my own list of a thousand gratitudes...thanks for inspiring me!

  2. That's the right attitude to have at all times! To be grateful even for the littlest blessings and your list is awesome! Showed how much you appreciated everything that touches your heart! God bless you always and may you have a wonderful week, enjoying many, many more blessings from the Giver of good gifts.

  3. I like all of your gratitudes, but esp the one about your daughter setting the table, unasked. You did a good job placing servanthood in her heart!

  4. She is a poet, is she not? But then again, so are we all. Each one of us harbors some words within. Alas, many of them never evolve into print or song or poetry. I want to live with my words from a place of worship and great thankfulness. God has blessed me with a great awareness of his "God-ness" at every turn. How I pray for the heart and eyes to seek and to find.