Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why I Love Sundays

Breathing deeply of the goodness
I enter the place my soul knows well.

Surrounded by the beloved,
the ones who wear the waters of baptism,
we lift voices to utter psalms
with lisping babes.

Reverent kneeling- we bow
young and old,
sinners seeking forgiveness
for the trespasses of the week,
the day,
the hour,
the moment.

"Christ have mercy upon us"

Hands raised over heads
extended to the beloved,
grace reaches down from the throne room.


Exuberant declarations of faithfulness
to a forgiven people
we praise,
hands lifted heavenward in chorus of deep gratitude
Gloria Patri
glad song together,

always together.

Surrounded by a host
joining heavenly voices with dust dwellers
for one moment, no longer departed.

Heaven eclipsing earth
mingling spirits and body.

I come hungry
aware of my need,
feasting on the bread,
the soul-food of promise
that feeds more than my flesh;

this is my body
offered for you
my beloved

the wine,
the blood that slakes my thirst
no water can.

Here, I know again
I was created for worship;

made holy-
and I wonder how can it be.

How the Holy One can reach so far

This is the mystery-the entering in
The faith seekers, fallen
and yet holy.

The blessing of the redeemed;


  1. Ah...that is the most beautiful poem I have ever read! Very, very nice...

  2. Beautiful...inspired by His grace and mercy...Love overflowed in the penned words...Have a blessed week and God bless you sister.

  3. I love Sundays too. IN fact I fall asleep on Saturday nights all excited about what is to come. It is not because my church is big and exciting's not. But it is because Sunday, as your poem so beautifully puts it, is a day so set apart that it can't be mistaken for any other. You are so gifted. Thank you for sharing these words with me today

  4. communion with God...

    sacrament with the Sacred.

    How I love these moments of sacred remembrance to come to us each one; not just in the elements but in the everyday when we take the time to remember him.

    Thanks for stopping by. It blesses my heart to have you at my blogging address.


  5. This. Is. Beautiful. Your poetry sings. Your HEART sings. I feel like I've been in worship with you.

  6. This poem made me rest and centered me somehow. Remembering ... here is something far more than recalling from memory. And this ... this is remembering the thing: the Body and the Blood, God with us.