Wednesday, June 15, 2011

D.C. continued!

D.C. - day 2 - Another fantastic day!

We began today at Mt. Vernon, George and Martha Washington's home. George Washington acquired Mt. Vernon in 1754. During the next 45 years he oversaw many improvements to the house and grounds. He wanted the house and grounds to be a combination of beauty and functionality in a harmonious setting.

The home is beautifully situated overlooking the Potomac. We spent the morning there walking along the manicured grounds, inhaling the fragrance of magnolia trees, while we toured the house, gardens and museum.

After Mt. Vernon we headed out to Georgetown for a bite to eat.

We celebrated Kiffen's birthday at Fuddrucker's.Happy Birthday, Kiffen!

After our appetites were satiated, we headed over to the Koren, Lincoln, and Vietnam memorials.

Jordan and Lucas check out the Korean Memorial.
We walk along the Vietnam Memorial. I have to say this memorial undid me.
I never understood this memorial until our guide explained the artistic relevance to us.

Some interesting facts: The memorial is cut in the ground - like a deep gash in the earth. You have to descend into the ground to view this memorial. Every name of every soldier who either was killed in action or is missing in action is listed. 58,249 names are listed. These are the names of husbands, sons, brothers, friends... as I looked at our boys looking at the memorial - I realized some of them would have only been a year younger than many of those listed.

People come from all over to leave objects at this memorial.

This is where I lost it.

I used to think this memorial was understated, that somehow the lives lost deserved a more glorious tribute. I understand now the power of simple. Nothing prepared me for the intensity of this memorial.

The artist got this one right.

Here I am with Tonya at the Lincoln memorial - quite a beautiful and impressive memorial.

A group of incoming Freshman - wow - that's a shock. My baby's in there!

We were a little tired.

After the memorials, we headed over to the National Cathedral where we attended an Evensong service.


After our Evensong service we went on to dinner in Alexandria and then the kids and a few of us went on a legends of Alexandria ghost tour, while some of the adults enjoyed a leisurely dinner.

We walked cobbled streets by lantern light while listening to our guide tell scary stories of Alexandria's earliest inhabitants. We even found ourselves in a graveyard for one of the stories. Very fun stuff!

Wonderful day - full of beauty, history and emotion.

Tomorrow will be another day full of adventure.

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