Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Taking Washington D.C. by Storm - day 1

We made it! Here is most of our group at Arlington National Cemetery. There are 44 of us who made the trip from Wenatchee, Washington to D.C.

We left in the middle of the night on the 13th and arrived on the morning of the 14th and began our adventure.

After landing in D.C. and getting a quick breakfast, we made our way over to Arlington.

We saw the changing of the guard.
Students and adults were moved by the beauty of this place.

Here's our tour guide, George, as he gives us the background about Arlington.

From Arlington, we went over to Pentagon City and ate lunch, then proceeded on to the Smithsonian.

While at the Smithsonian, we broke up and went to various museums.

I think my favorite was the American History Museum and seeing the Star Spangled Banner. It was enormous!

After Smithsonian we trekked over to the Washington Monument and then on foot over to the World War II memorial.

We then headed over to dinner and then checked in to our hotel. What an amazing city. We learned so much and at the end of our day, we were ready to drop. This was one full day!

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  1. I remember all these places when I went to DC. Incredible! Fun pictures!