Thursday, June 16, 2011

D.C. to N.Y.C.

Day 3 of D.C. was so packed, when I looked back through my pictures at the end of the night, I was pretty sure that our first stop at Iwo Jima actually took place 2 days ago.

After stopping and photographing that breathtaking sculpture, we headed over to the Library of Congress for our tour.

What an impressive building! This topped the list of favorite sites for many in the group.

After our Library of Congress tour, we traveled underneath the city in one of the tunnels and connected to the Capitol building.This is some of our group in front of our Washington State statue of Marcus Whitman. Every state gets to select a statue of someoe deceased to represent their state in the original house - next to the rotunda.

We ate a quick lunch in the Congressional Cafeteria, then headed out to view the White House.

We made a quick photo stop on the steps of the Supreme Court. Lisa Myers had a flag with her that she purchased when we at Mt. Vernon. Perfect!

Here's this year's mock trial team.

After a bus ride and short walk to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. we took some great shots in front of our First Family's house.
We are pretending to be the First family.

I'm including in here a few other photos taken on the course of the trip that were too cute to not put in. Here are Lisa and Dave Solomon at Lunch.Here is a great picture of Kevin and Kiffen at Arlington Cemetery.
I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog post that while we were in Alexandria, we took a little ghost tour. These are some zombies we found in a graveyard.

We moved on to New York City after the White House.

Here we are at a fantastic little Italian place for dinner.
After an amazing dinner, we made our way over to the Empire State Building.

Here is the view from the observation deck:

We got to our hotel room sometime after midnight. We are tired, but so happy and thankful for this amazing opportunity to experience these fantastic cities - and to get to do it with people you really love is a bonus!

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