Friday, July 5, 2013

European Blitz - part 2!

We say Cheers to London and head across the water to Paris for the next leg of our journey. London was fantastic and even though we were recovering from travel we enjoyed ourselves immensely in this beautiful city which is so full of life and history.
As we wait for our train we gather all of those traveling who attend our church back home in Wenatchee, called (what else?) King's Cross church. We pose for a little picture with our church family.
It just wouldn't be right to omit a photo of platform 9and3/4 for all of our Harry Potter fans!
Just a little example of the amazing architecture you can find when you visit different places. (Train station, London - King's Cross station)

Here we are with our amazing guide, Mario, as he organizes a cake to surprise Robb M. with for his birthday. What a thoughtful guy!
It's time to catch our train and ride the Chunnel to Paris.

We made it to Paris!

 We toured the Louvre at night! Amazing!

 Winged Victory - one of my favorites!


 Tonya and Oak Griffith
 Our fam in front of the Eiffel tower.
 Emily and Ingrid M.
 The Myers family
The Aikens
Our Group - all 46 of us!
Brooke and Hailey G., Raquel, and Brooke M on top of the Eiffel tower at night.
Hailey, Me and Brooke - Love this pic with my girls!
Our Senior class! Love these kids so much! (O'Connor, Isaac, Jordan, Brooke, Kyle, Caleb and Mike)
Raquel in front of the Eiffel tower.
Brooke G and Shelby -
Our trip to Versailles!
Gene and Ellen in front of Versailles

The Myers ladies

The hall of mirrors - always impressive!
It's just so beautiful!
During freetime some of us hiked up to the top of the Arch de' triumph - there was a cycling race taking place and they stopped traffic - pretty amazing!
Brooke and Amanda at the top of the Arch with the Eiffel tower in the distance.

Dinner at Flam's - always yummy!

Brooke's tribute to Paris!
Tyler was a trooper throughout the whole trip!
On to our Paris by night tour -
Mike, Caleb and Hailey - enjoying their time in Paris!

The view from our boat cruise on the Seine River.

Mont Marte and Sacre' Coure

Mario with some of the kids from our group.

Notre Dame

A bunch of us attended mass at Notre Dame - it will be one of those things I never forget!

We enjoy a little free time in the Latin Quarter with the Aumells (they were great sports with our endless march across Paris!) and head on over to Musee D' Orsay and the Opera House. When we reached the Opera house we discovered it was closed because of protesters. We hung around in front of the Opera house for awhile and then decided we should leave once we noticed the protesters putting on black masks and the police gathering on the other side of the street. We later learned tear gas was fired into the crowd after we left. Travelling is never dull!

Paris was a different world. We learned to travel the Metro and to deal with pick pockets - 3 of our people were hit but no one lost their belongings, although it was a close call for one of our ladies who had her wallet returned after grabbing the pickpockets purse - Angels watched over us for sure! Travel stretches you in more ways than you can imagine and we navigated Paris successfully and for the most part, unscathed, although a few were out of their comfort zone for sure! And so we say, Au Revoire to Paris!
Next stop - Switzerland!

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