Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When in Rome...

On our way to Rome we make a leisurely stop over at Assisi, but first we enjoy lunch at the home of Bruno and his family and learn the art of Tagliatelli making. They invite some of us to try our hand at this age old recipe.
Bruno makes the rounds welcoming us to share his home.
This sweet lady demonstrates the art of tagliatelli making - she's been doing  this for 71 years.
Ingrid gives it a try!
Kiffen takes a turn.
Caleb provides ample entertainment for us all!
The Italian gives it a try. Not bad...
Tyler jumped in and did a great job! Fun time was had by all!
On to Assisi! There was a rainstorm this day - we got a little wet but were thankful for our umbrellas!
Such a beautiful little town!
Tonya, Coreen and Jim
The inside of a little church. So beautiful!
After a tour with Brother Michael, a local friar, we say arrivederci!
This is our beautiful hotel! We were all a little speechless when we saw how gorgeous it was! The photo above at sunset was the view from our hotel room.
The hotel grounds
The view from our hotel
To the Coliseum!

Hailey and I wait to go in.
My fam!
Tonya and Oak
The Aumies - my people!

Gene and Ellen - more of our people! So happy to get to take this trip with them!
Ancient graffiti
 Example of Ionic and Corinthian columns.
Gonna frame this one!
The Forum
The Arch of Titus

The Pantheon

There happened to be a protest one of the days we walked to the Pantheon. When in Rome...
We visited the catacombs on our own.
Where saints of old gathered for worship.
And where they were buried
We came full circle today - beginning with the Coliseum and ending with the Catacombs. It was a very moving experience for me to do both the same day. There are no words for some experiences, and my mind goes to the songs of the beloved.
What wondrous love is this, oh my soul, Oh my soul?...
We enjoy some much needed free time to get lost in Rome and enjoy some amazing food!

I went into every church I could find! They always made me pause and reflect.
The Spanish Steps with Caleb, Lucas, Brooke G. and Mike
Trevi Fountain
Tomorrow on to Vatican City where we receive an unexpected surprise!

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