Thursday, July 4, 2013

European Blitz! (Part one)

We just returned from a 17 day European adventure with travels to United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Italy. What a trip! I wasn't able to get my blog to post pictures from the road - so I am doing it now and you can live vicariously through the next posts. Here are some pictures as we took Europe by storm!

Waiting at Seatac for our overnight flight to Heathrow! Just look at those shirts! Happy happy!
Look how fresh we look!
A walk to London bridge.

Day Two: Stonehenge and Bath, more of London and Wicked!
We found a little Bistro for Coreen while we visited Bath.
The Roman Baths were so impressive.

On to Stonehenge!
 Some travelers were feeling a little sleepy on the bus ride back to the city! Peter and Jordan catch a few zzz's.

Dinner at an English Pub.
And on to see Wicked!
What a great introduction to London! It was a very full day - but so much fun! Tomorrow will be our guided city sightseeing day.
We toured the Tower of London - fascinating! Here is a picture of London Bridge taken through the tower window at the Tower of London.
Westminster Abbey!

My heart is happy with this picture! Big Ben chimed as soon as we exited the tube. Thrilling experience!
St. Paul's Cathedral with Hailey and Oak.
On to Buckingham palace!

We walked by Prince Charles and Camilla's house and saw the English guards.

The flags decorating the street by Buckingham Palace were so beautiful!
Brooke Myers and Hailey G. pose for a cute picture! What a fantastic day in London! Now on to Paris... Stay tuned for more to come!

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